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Learn To Play For The Reason You Want

Piano tuition with over 30 years experience
  Graded Assessment 

Our students are regularly entered into ABRSM graded examinations with extremely high pass rates.  Students can start from Grade 1, or if they are particularly skilled, can enter from a higher level.  Often students who took exams many years ago take refresher piano lessons in Cardiff with us before continuing with grades where they left off.

Enjoy home based music lessons for children and adults
 Theory Workshop

We offer theory and aural workshops to help prepare for the latter stages of graded assessment which require skills such as sight reading, and sight singing in order to pass. These workshops in Cardiffcan be included in normal piano lesson times or can be added on to extend lesson durations. 

Music Tuition in Cardiff
 Playing For Pleasure 

There is no requirement whatsoever to take grades at Cardiff Piano Lessons.  For many, just being able to demonstrate their skill to their family and friends is reward enough, and deservedly so.  Exams can be a good way to push yourself but they are not the only way of setting goals.  Perhaps there is piece of music you've always wanted to perform.  We can help you achIeve that feeling very rewarded.

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