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Home Based music and keyboard tuition

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Professional Music Lessons in Cardiff
Jill Francis

The piano is my passion, I believe it will be yours too.


My musical history stems back to the young age of 7 when I was initially taught by my mother. I can recall vividly how excited I was when our piano arrived. I believe my excitement and enthusiasm to learn was the key factor in my success in learning this fine beautiful instrument. 

With encouragement from my mother and much practise at home , I excelled in my playing which led to a scholarship at the age of 11 into the Welsh College of Music and Drama which was at that time in Cardiff Castle.


I was privileged to have been taught by the the very finest of teachers who was an Examiner and Overseas Examiner. I emulate my musical performance and my teaching on the excellent structured way in which I was taught. 

At a time when there is a reduction in council funding to musical instrument tuition it is becoming evermore common for youngsters to take up lessons outside the school gates.  I have over 30 years of experience teaching piano lessons in Cardiff and will work hard in developing your child's skills to help them achieve grades or simply play for pleasure. Many studies will attest that children who play instruments perform better in school and appreciate early the benefits of hard work, practice and discipline.

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